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The aged pecorino  it is a cheese of high tradition and beautiful presence, it is obtained according to traditional dairy techniques that involve breaking the curd, obtained by adding enzymes and rennet to pasteurized sheep's milk, into particles the size of a grain of rice, followed by heating of the same. It is then put into shape and steamed in order to favor the draining of the whey and to prepare a cheese suitable for aging for long periods (12-24 months).


The rind is smooth, firm, hard and of a more or less dark brown color.

  When cut, the paste is compact and crumbly with a thin subcrust that is darker in color than the paste, which may have slight small holes and a color that can vary from ivory white to straw yellow.

Fresh fodder and pasture tend to produce less white milk. In  seasoning the pasta tends to darken in the sub-rind.


Intense aroma that recalls the vegetal notes of the pasture.

Pecorino aged 12 months Fiore di Castiadas Variable weight (about 0.750g)


    The cheese goes well with Cannonau wine for fullness and strength  Red,

      it is excellent accompanied with honey and sweet or spicy jams

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