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Semi-aged pecorino is a cheese strongly influenced by external factors and takes on its own characteristics in relation to the feeding of animals and the climate. After pasteurization, enzymes and rennet are added to the sheep's milk to obtain the curd which, after separation from the whey, is given the shape and then subjected to a light stewing. Afterwards, the cheese is matured for 40 days in special rooms and the external rind is coated with extra virgin olive oil to favor its perfect conservation.

Completely yellow skin, inside the paste is white.

Intense aroma accompanied by lactic sensations  with hints of cut grass and cereals.

Medium soft dough e  creamy.

(Half wheel) Semi-seasoned Pecorino cheese 6 months Cuili Mannu

  • It is advisable to cook the pecorino and spread it on  fragrant bread posibly civraxiu, excellent with Vermentino

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