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Stracchinata caciotta is a soft cheese made from freshly milked milk  sheep. The particular processing similar to that of fresh strachino gives it a delicate, slightly acidic taste and a soft, often creamy paste. 
Low form from 0.800 to 1 kg, it is consumed with at least twenty days of maturation.



  • Fresh: honey and walnuts, chilli jam, pears and cruditè
    Cooked: meatloaf stuffed with caciotta, veal roulade and baked pasta with cheeses

  • The Caciotta should be kept in the refrigerator at 4 ° C. Once the shape has been engraved, the interior must remain in contact with a transparent plastic film to be changed every 5 days. We do not recommend freezing it, it would ruin its characteristics.

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